1024 Ways Pokies

1024 Ways Pokies work in the same way as any other slot machine. The only difference is that successful combos will emerge in a considerably larger variety of combinations.

Winning spins in five-reel games can be the result of combinations of five to 25 paylines, but 1024-way games remove all of these restrictions and can consist of any winning combinations occurring in any sequence. This is where the name originates.

The best 1024 Ways Pokies in Australia

What are 1024 Ways to Win Pokies?

A lot of modern online pokies still use payline, but this is an outdated thing in the world of gambling. Since machines 1024 Ways are modern for users, paylines are not used here. They work due to the fact that the required number of symbols can appear on any reel in any position to generate a victory combo.

As said in the preview, 1024 Ways online pokies simply mean enhanced games with a higher chance of winning. They have five reels with four symbols each and 1024 different ways to win. The chance of winning depends only on the number generator.

You have 1024 Ways to Win Pokies

Reasons to Play 1024 Ways Pokies

We can distinguish several advantages of Pokies 1024 Ways from all others. We assure you, all of them are quite significant:

  • There are no classic paylines here, which provides a paltry chance of winning. Instead, an advanced system is used.
  • More chances to pay, as there is a higher probability of matching symbols.
  • The leading game provider that develops pokies games using this system is the well-known Microgaming. It is the leader in safety and addictiveness in the software creation market.
several advantages of Pokies 1024 Ways for Australian

How to Play 1024 Ways Pokies

The rules of the game are simple, especially for those people who have played five-reel pokies before. There is only one big difference from the classic variants, as mentioned earlier. That is that there are no special patterns here by which payout can be made.

You just have to play the five-reel 1024 Ways pokies Australia the same way you usually do with classic ones. As a result of the fact that you don’t have to worry about where exactly the symbols appear, you’ll have to make a bit more of the bets themselves per spin.
There are also so-called Wilds and Scatters, which give players 1024 Ways slots more chances to win a particular spin. You’ll be pretty lucky if you see at least one such symbol because it increases your chances of winning.

A little instruction on how to play 1024 ways pokies

1024 Ways Games Features

There are also some features here that will make it noticeably easier for you to win when you decide to try something new:

  • Improved paylines. As mentioned earlier, they are unconventional. You choose how many ways to activate them based on your bet size.
  • Progressive jackpot. Constantly filling game prizes that can explode right at the end and bring you unprecedented wealth. Sudden enrichment in live action can bring your dreams to life.
  • Free spins and Wilds. Wild symbols work just like in other poker machines. Even one such symbol increases your chance of winning many times over. Scatter Symbols trigger free spins and start the bonus round. With this, you can win even easier and faster.
  • Bonus symbols. You can look at The Dark Knight Rises, which has just perfectly implemented bonus rounds within the game itself.
  • Different variations of the main idea. For example, 243 Ways To Win. This is a version with five reels, but three rows.

The whole thing is quite a weighty undertaking when you compare it to regular games and jackpots.

Some features that will help you win at 1024 ways pokies

Our TOP List of 1024 Ways Pokies

We have compiled our own top pokie machines, which work on a system of 1024 Ways games. You can take a look at this list:

  • Leagues of Fortune. This was created by Microgaming. The theme of the pokie is water. You are immersed in a maritime expedition on five reels with 1024 ways of different winnings. You, together with the captain, go to the depths of water in order to find a long-hidden treasure. Here you will get 35 free spins if you get three or more Scatter icons. It also offers a five times multiplier if you get two of them. The base game offers you 37,500 coins, and in the bonus spins, you’re playing for as much as 150,000 coins, which is lucrative.
  • Secret Santa. This is a themed New Year’s Eve, which is played even in the summer. It also offers a five-reel version of this mechanism. This game pioneered the Dashing Wild feature. This is the same feature that rushes across the field and forms a winning combination. The free spins here are not triggered by Scatters symbols but at random. But these symbols also matter, because they automatically activate the bonus round on a roll of three or more icons. Scatters also give bonuses and turn into Wild, giving a multiplier of 5x to 10x.
  • Crown of Egypt. This is a game that was created by IGT. This Egyptian pokie has powerful graphics and sound effects. Here you can win steadily during the base game and regularly you can get small rewards from bonus games. People note the highest rewards they could ever get. The standard power-ups that have been described above apply here.
  • White Orchid. Another game from IGT, but now with the theme of the jungle of Central America. Here you will find a lot of white orchids that grow in the wild. There are bonus rounds and special symbols like the queen and king of the jungle, cheetahs, butterflies, and frogs. Each of these symbols means something and can provide you with the most lucrative bonuses. There’s no progressive jackpot, but you can pick up $25,000. If you get three or more white orchids on the reel, you activate the White Falls Free Spins Bonus, which promises you free spins.
  • Thunderhorn. Thunderhorn is a 5-reel video pokie that sends gamblers to a burning savannah filled with rhinos, jaguars, and other exotic creatures. Instead of traditional paylines, the slot has a 54-reel structure and 1024 ways to win. Thunderhorn has wild symbols that deliver large multipliers during free spins, as well as a $9600 jackpot that can be won by landing five scatter symbols anywhere on the reels. Bally’s games are designed to fulfill the needs of both high rollers and low rollers, and you will appreciate the wagering versatility.

These pokies bring a lot of money both to your crypto wallet and any other example served by your banking. Any Aussie loves that.

List of most popular 1024 ways pokies in Australia

Pros and Cons

We also collected a small table of the pros and cons of this genre.

  • One crisp spin can bring in huge profits

  • Free spins during the game, within which multipliers and expanding wilds can be activated

  • Often the RTP is really huge.


  • The only winning combination in most cases does not bring a large profit

  • You should keep an eye on your bankroll so that you are not left with anything at the end

This is a kind of summary of the review. We hope we were able to help you understand what it is and whether it is beneficial to you.


Can I play 1024 Ways Pokies with real money?
Yes. You can play both in demo mode for virtual money and for real money. You can also play it with cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or with fiat AUD.
Can I play 1024 Ways Pokie on a smartphone or tablet?
Yes. All games are optimized to work on almost any mobile phone that has a browser that supports HTML5. You don’t even need an app! You can easily play on both Android phones and iPhones with iOS on board.
Where to play 1024 ways pokies?
These games are found in almost every casino that maintains stable and safe game providers like Microgaming or IGT. Customer support there will answer the necessary questions if you have any. Some casinos also provide welcome bonuses just for this genre of games.
What are Coins Bets?
This game uses virtual coins as currency. You can both deposit and withdraw your money using currency conversion.