Online Pokies Guides for Aussie Beginners

Pokies are among the most popular games in Australia and New Zealand. Although slots are simple, newcomers and even experienced gamblers need a pokie guide. On this page, you will find the basic pokies guide for Aussies with answers to the questions on how do pokie machines work, what is their gameplay, and how to choose the best ones for Aussie players among hundreds of them.

A Beginner's Guide to Playing online pokies for Australians

How do Pokies Work?

An online pokie is one of the slot games that have 3-5, sometimes more, reels with up to 30 symbols, described in the particular pokie machines guide. The traditional symbol range includes card ranking, like in poker, that’s why the game is called pokie. The free ranges have symbols, united with the main theme.

Here is the pokies guide for Australians:

  • Slot display is a set of colored symbols that must be correctly placed to trigger prize payouts.
  • Gamblers press a button or pull a lever and see a random set of symbols in every reel.
  • If the symbols fall into the correct order, they guarantee a predetermined prize amount to the player.
  • Symbols must line up horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.
  • In most games, players may adjust the available payline quantity.

Most pokies have various extra features to influence winning odds and to make the gameplay more interesting. Some offer random extra games and extra wins.

A brief instruction on how to work online Pokies

Typical Pokie Interface – What the Buttons Mean?

This online pokies guide also describes the rather typical interface.

  • Win button

    win button in online pokies

    To see how much you have won

  • Paytable button

    Paytable button in online pokies

    To see the worth of each symbol combination

  • Bet max button

    Max bet button in online pokies

    To set the biggest possible amount

  • Balance button

    Credit button in online pokies

    Also called a deposit or a credit button. Shows the amount of money and virtual coins accessible for gambling

  • Line bet

    Line Bet button in online pokies

    To see how much cash you are betting on each line

  • Spin button

    Spin button in online pokies

    To spin pokie reels

  • Lines button

    Lines button in online pokies

    Shows how many lines you are betting on

  • Total bet

    Total bet button in online pokies

    Shows the total cost of your spin

  • Autospin button

    Autospin button in online pokies

    To play in a hands-free mode

The mobile pokies interface for Android and iOS typically contains the same elements but is organized in another way.

What is RNG?

RNG or random number generator is often used in many modern games. It is an algorithm to produce random numbers that are used to determine random events. RNGs are totally unpredictable, but they still use some pattern-changeable data to generate random numbers. The special agencies profoundly test RNGs’ safe work all the time.

How do pokies work based on this technology? It’s simple: RNG randomly selects the position where each reel stops. No one can influence this process or predict the results. This is one of the pokie machine secrets that make the game safe and fair.

A brief instruction on how RNG works in online Pokies

What is RTP?

RTP, or return to player, is the average ratio of total bet money to all winnings. For example, an RTP of 97% means 97 won AUD per each 100 bet ones.

Each pokie is designed to return approximately the same percentage: the symbols, reels and payline quantity, wilds and scatters, bonus games, free spins, and other extra features influence the winning odds. Almost every particular online pokies guide shows RTP between 92 and 98%, the best games are close to 99%.

How RTP works in online pokies

What is Volatility?

Pokies guides say that volatility is the winning sizes-frequency dependency. The low volatility means small and frequent wins, the high one indicates rare and immense payouts.

Some pokies tricks are based on volatility. Megaways and progressive jackpot pokies increase, wilds and scatters decrease it. The low volatility is more suitable for small bankrolls, the high one is convenient for big wallets.

Description for Australian players what is Volatility

Pokies Features: Symbols, Paylines, Bonuses

Most games are designed with extra features which also determine how pokies work. The most common ones are described below.

  • Free Spins

    Free spins in Pokie

    According to almost every pokies guide, you get extra spins without paying for them.

  • Respins

    respins in pokies

    The respins are usually activated when you land a special symbol on the reel. The individual reel is frozen for free spins, while the rest of the reels spin and create winning combinations.

  • Multipliers

    Multipliers in online pokies

    A bonus feature that can multiply your winnings on spins.

  • Bonus round

    bonus rounds in Pokie

    Bonus rounds are mini-games with cash prizes or free spins and multipliers.

  • Wilds

    wild symbol in pokie

    With wild symbols you can get more wins by replacing all other symbols except the bonus symbols.

  • Expanding Wilds

    Expanding Wilds symbols in pokies

    These wild symbols landed on the grid until they cover the entire reel.

  • Stacked Wilds

    Stacked Wilds symbols in pokies

    The wild symbol stretches out and makes wild other symbols on the same reel.

  • Sticky Wilds

    Sticky Wilds symbols in pokies

    They are essentially expanding wilds that stay locked for the duration of the free spins round. This guarantees winning combinations on each of your free spins.

  • Scatters

    scatter symbols in pokies

    Symbols for triggering bonus games. You need to land 2 or more anywhere on the reels to immediately enter the bonus game.

  • 243 Ways To Win

    243 ways to win in pokies

    Type of pokies that pays out for combinations of symbols in any direction or any position on the reels.

  • Megaways

    Megaways in pokies

    Type of pokies without exact rows amount and with changeable payline amount for each spin.

  • Gamble

    gamble in pokies

    With this additional feature you can collect even more money after each winning spin. All you need is just make a simple prediction on a game to double your initial winnings.

How to Choose the Best Pokie

In Aussie casinos, there are numerous pokies, and it’s easy to waste time on average ones without finding something worthy. These pokie tips will help you to choose games that will provide you with both a good experience and generous payout amounts.

Instructions for Australians on how to choose the best Pokie

Before Your Gambling Study Information about a Pokie

Study Information about a Pokies

Study the pokie general features. If you are new try the game with RTP 95-96% or higher, the bet range and volatility should suit your wallet. Read a review and a couple of pokie machine tips. Pay attention to the provider, and check how many and what games it has already created.

Improve Your Knowledge about Paytable, Paylines and Symbols

Paytable, Paylines and Symbols in Online Pokies

In each slot, there is separate information on the rules, symbols, and payout tables. Learn how pokies work and familiarize yourself with the nuances of payouts for working pokies to decide which payline multipliers are profitable and which are loss-making.

Count up Symbols

Number of symbols in the Pokies

It is an unobvious one among the pokie tricks: the bigger the pay symbol variety means the fewer chances to get a 4 or 5-symbol payline. Moreover, the major symbols are less frequent than the minor ones. So the best option is to choose pokies with an average set of up to 20 symbols. Pay attention: numerous scatters and wilds act opposite and increase your winning odds.

Decide if a Number of Paylines is Right for You

Select the desired number of paylines in Pokies

Many paylines increase the chances to win in each spin and promise bigger amounts. But they are expensive, especially when 1-2 lines only play on the grid. Decide, if you want big bets and frequent winnings or enjoy longer. Anyway, one more of pokie machine secrets: choose ones with the payline adjustment option.

Pay Attention to Bonus Games

Play bonus games in Pokies

Bonus games don’t require bets, but offer extra wins, so one of the simplest pokie machine tips is to choose pokies with as many bonuses as possible. The bonus round with free spins, bet multiplier, and the gamble feature is more welcome than just free spins. The bonus games must be frequent. Some pokie tips to discover it: either the scatter combinations must play regularly, or the round can be triggered randomly.

Try Demo Version to Understand the Main Features

play pokies in demo mode

Before risking real money, try demo mode to understand if you like the game and how it works. Therefore you will study gameplay better than any online pokies guide without losing any AUD. You may test popular strategies or create your own.

After Demo Try to Play for Real Money

Play online pokies for Real Money

A rare online pokies guide advises you to fund your bankroll with small money first, but it’s a good idea. Trust big amounts to a casino only after you withdraw the first time.

Never Forget about Which Online Casino You Better Play

Every worthy pokie machines guide recommendations first to find out if the casino is legal in your country, search in the license, policies, or FAQ sections. Pay attention to the casino bonus and games range, the variety of payment methods, and the live customer support competency. If you prefer mobile gambling, read the requirements of the mobile version.

Better Australian online casino for playing pokies

Our Main Tips and Tricks for Gambling Online Pokies

Nobody can influence or predict the results of RNG, but these pokie machine tips and tricks may help you to get many wins and joy.

Set Limits

Set a money limit when playing pokies

One of the pokies tips is to determine the amount of money you can spend per gambling session. Set loss limits if it’s possible. Manage your time in the same way and never get stuck in gambling.

Use Autospin

Use autospin when playing pokies

The hands-free mode allows you to stay relaxed, speed up your winnings and enjoy spinning even more. But you should find among pokie machine secrets and set the autospin limits, speed and spin quantity.

Don’t Rely on Jackpot

Don't Rely on Jackpot when playing online pokies

Many pokies tips and tricks stress big jackpots, but they, especially progressive ones, are very rare winnings. A jackpot doesn’t influence the gameplay of the average gambler, so manage your wins and losses without hopes for it.

Keep Calm

Keep Calm when playing Pokies

When feeling strong emotions, you may act impulsively and lose your bankroll in minutes, so stay away from your computer or iPhone. Also, stopping gambling after notable losses is one of the best pokie tricks to save your money.

How to Maximize Your Winnings

When starting to play, remember that pokie wins are completely random. You don’t have any strategy that will tell you exactly how to win at pokies, and no way to determine the actual odds of winning. But there are several recommendations to maximize your winnings:

  • Chase for bonus rounds. Bonus rounds offer many potential wins for less money. So the obvious pokies tricks are to get as many scatters as possible and chase for bonus games. If you need bigger bets for it, place them. If you can buy a bonus round, do it.
  • Vary bet amounts. The pokies tips and tricks rarely include the following: when you activate the extra features which increase your payout odds or amounts, increase your bets too. But never place bigger bets to chase losses.
  • Use Casino Money. To play for casino money is one of the easiest pokies tips. Use the casino system of bonuses: deposit via the banking systems or crypto wallets with cashbacks, select Bitcoin or other promoted cryptocurrency, spins in certain games.
  • Online Pokies Terminology. These games have numerous features, and without the special terminology, you can’t understand pokies guides. For instance, “Payline” means the line on which symbols must fall for the player to win, and “Scatter Pay” is a special type of bonus feature that rewards the player if a certain symbol appears on the display. Don’t get lost and read about it more on our page.
Tips on how to increase winnings in the online pokies

Why Do You Need to Take Part in Pokies Tournaments?

Pokies tournaments are organized for those ones who want to compete with other players. This type of entertainment will take your Pokies game to the next level. It is the best way to try out new games and win some money for those who sit in one of the first positions.

How to participate in Pokies tournaments:

Take part in Pokies tournaments to win prizes
  1. Deposit an entry fee.

  2. Get credits to play with (each player gets an equal amount of credits).

  3. Win as much as possible before tournament time runs out.

  4. If you have the most credits at the end of the tournament you are the winner! Now you can collect the real money prize.

Some tournaments give prizes to the players that rank in the 2 to 10 position. Pokies tournaments offer players competitive excitement, and big wins, and also allow them to converse and share experiences with each other. So the last of pokie tips: participate in tournaments.