5 Reel Pokies

If you are a gambling fan from Australia, then you visited the local online casinos and heard the term “pokies“. This slang term is used for slot machines in Australia and New Zealand. It comes from the word “poker”.

There are different types of online poker, but today we have prepared a review of 5-reel pokies in Australia.

The Best 5 Reel Pokies in Australia

What are 5-Reel Pokies?

It is easy to guess that 5-reel pokies consist of 5 reels. Compared to the classic 3-reel pokies, these have two additional reels, giving the player more chances to win. This is why 5 reel online pokies are a very popular online casino game. Depending on the selected game, you will be given certain features and symbols. Mostly, 5-reel pokies include 10-50 paylines, and more. Below we will look at them in more detail.

About Australian 5-Reel Pokies

Types of 5 Reel Pokies

Payline is a gambling term that means a feature of slot machines. In order to win, you need a combination to fall on one of the paylines. 

There are ten types of 5 reel slots which differ in the number of lines, as well as the ways of winning:

  • 5-lines;
  • 15-lines;
  • 20-lines;
  • 25 lines;
  • 30 lines;
  • 40 lines;
  • 50 lines;
  • 100 lines;
  • 243 ways;
  • 1024 ways.

Depending on the particular game, there may be from three to several hundred paylines. If they are not too many, they will be arranged horizontally or in a zigzag pattern across the reels.

ten types of 5 reel pokies in Australia

Reasons to Play 5 Reel Pokies

5 reel pokies have several advantages:

  • Wide selection of games. You can find and enjoy your favourite 5-reel pokies.
  • Wide selection of themes, which gives you a wonderful gambling experience.
  • Wide range of paylines. The more paylines, the more combinations that can bring you winnings.
  • Ability to play on any device with the help of a mobile app for Android phones, and iOS-based iPhones.
  • Plenty of bonuses and features like multiplier symbols, bonus games and spins, wild and scatter symbols.
  • 24/7 customer support. You can reach out to the team at any time to get help.
  • Safe banking services. You don’t need to worry about your confidential payment information.
List of 5 reel pokies advantages

How to Play 5 Reel Pokies

The modern online gambling industry has retained the core values and traditions of classic land-based casino games. In five reel pokies, the system randomly generates a combination each time the pokie is running.

The principle of play on 5-reel versions is similar to that of classic ones. After loading the game, the user places a bet on a spin, selecting the coin amount beforehand (the most common are 0.01, 0.02, 0.05, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50, 1.00 and 2.00). After that, players should decide on the multiplier or number of coins per payline chosen or available.
The main task is to guess the moment when the combination coincides, bet on the corresponding line, and get the long-awaited win. The more the paylines, the higher the reward.

Short instructions on how to play 5 reel pokies for Australian

How to Win at 5 Reel Pokies

  1. Register or log in at a live casino to play.

  2. Understand the principle of the five reel pokie.

  3. Check the reliability of the developer of the game.

  4. Take advantage of free spins to practice.

  5. Try the game with bonus money.

  6. Choose different paylines.

  7. Take advantage of special bonus offers.

  8. Stick to your budget by setting gambling limits.

  9. Start small and then move on to the big game.

Our TOP List of 5 Reel Pokies

There are a huge number of 5 reel pokies as these are very popular among gambling fans. You can choose your platform and go to the most suitable games. Below you can see the list of five leading ones.

Top 5 popular 5-reel pokies in Australia

Jimi Hendrix

This is a slot machine developed by Netent. It was named after the greatest guitar player of all time Jimi Hendrix. It looks like a cartoon.

The cost per spin varies from 20 cents to 200 euros. It consists of 5 hatching reels and 20 paylines. It can be played in the demo mode, which is completely free, and for real money.
The RTP of the gaming machine is 96.90%. There are bonus games, free spins, and symbols from Wild and Scatter. The symbols include cards, an eye, a flower, a heart, a disc, and a white and red guitar.

Jimi Hendrix pokie

Jurassic Park

This game is developed by Microgaming. It is based on a cult movie that was directed by Steven Spielberg. 

Play the game for free in the demo mode and for real money. The RTP is 96.7%. The slot machine consists of five spinning reels and 243 paylines. There are free spins and Wild and Scatter symbols, but no bonus games. The symbols fully correspond to the theme, so on the reels, you will see dinosaurs including Dilophosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Triceratops, Velociraptor, and Tyrannosaurus Rex, as well as four characters from the film – Dr. Ian Malcolm, John Hammond, Dr. Ellie Sutler, and Dr. Alan Grant.

Jurassic Park pokie

Mega Moolah

Mega Moolah was launched in 2006 but remains popular. Visually the game is a standard classic machine. Gamblers enter the jungle, where they face wild animals and win prizes. Standard game images include card suits, zebra, antelope, giraffe, buffalo, and elephant. Lion and Monkey symbols provide bonuses and special features. There are bonus games, and also free spins.
Among the advantages of the slot machine are generous bonuses, high RTP, convenient interface, and pleasant sound. As for the shortcomings, they are absent, as most users are very satisfied.

Mega Moolah pokie

Beach Life

This is an online beach-themed game that consists of 5 reels, 20 lines, and a keyboard control panel. The RTP is 93.25%.

Playtech includes Wild, Scatter, and Bonus symbols. The first one helps to form combinations from other images. The second pays out anywhere on the game field. The third triggers the bonus round with a selection of images.

The game features 2 bonus symbols (sand lock, sun in spectacles) as well as 8 regular images (frozen cocktail, ice cream with cherry, chocolate ice cream, ice cream with tubes, orange dessert, surfer, girl in swimsuit, and diver).

Beach Life pokie

Mega Fortune

This is a rich-life theme game. This game was developed by NetEnt. The RTP is 96.6%.

The online interface consists of a 3×4 playing field and a control console. There are 25 fixed paylines on the five reels of the pokie. There are also free spins and bonus games.

The basic symbols of the game include playing card rings, cognac, an ashtray, watches, a stack of banknotes, and a limousine. The list of special symbols includes three images: ship, champagne, and roulette wheel. These symbols give the player special features.

Mega Fortune pokie

5 Reel Pokies Jackpot Opportunity

5-reel games have a variety of classic features such as free spins, Scatter, Wild, and Multipliers.
Moreover, five reel pokies provide more opportunities to win the jackpot with more reels and paylines. The jackpot is millions, unlike 3-reel pokies, where the prize pool is thousands.

Win the jackpot by playing 5 reel pokies

Bonus Features at 5 Reel Pokies

Five-reel pokies are loved by many players because of the large number of bonus features. They not only make the gameplay more exciting but also increase the chances of winning. Among the bonus features of five-reel pokies stand out the following:

  • Free spins. These are additional spins that may appear during the game under certain conditions.
  • Multipliers. This is a unique bonus that multiplies your initial deposit bet or winning by several times or even 1000.
  • Wild symbols. They can replace most of the icons on the paylines to help the player complete a winning combination.

Scatters. They provide bonus rounds or free spins. It is a more lucrative symbol compared to the wild, as its occurrence does not necessarily require certain paylines or reels.

Bonuses at 5 reel pokies for Australian players

5 Reel Pokies RTP, Payouts, Volatility

Throughout the game, you can meet terms like RTP, Payouts, and Volatility.

RTP – Return to Player – the amount of money invested in the slot machine is returned to the player. This is measured in percentage ratio. The average RTP of online slots is from 96 to 96.8%. The same is valid for games with 5 reels. The highest RTP of this type of game varies from 97.1 to 98.8. 

Payouts determine the number of winnings. If you want to play for big payouts, it is best to maximize bets.

Volatility – this indicator determines the frequency of wins and payouts in the game and the average payout. 5-reel video games have 5 levels of volatility: high, medium-high, medium, medium-low, and low. Choose the one that suits you best.

RTP, Payouts, and Volatility terms in 5-reel pokies


Where to play 5-reel pokies?
You can legally and for free play five-reel pokies on any gambling platform that collaborates with the world’s leading providers.
How to play 5-reel pokies?
Aussie gamers need to run the game in any browser, place a bet, set the odds, and spin the reels.
What are the top 5-reel pokies?
Mega Moolah by Microgaming, Beach Life by Playtech, and Mega Fortune by NetEnt are the leaders among the players. They provide quality and fair play with a high winning probability.
Can I play 5-reel pokies for real money?
Yes, you can play 5 reel pokies in Australia for real money or in the promo version. Also, you can use cryptocurrency (Bitcoin). After you deposit and win, then you could withdraw your money.
How often do 5-reel slots payout?
It varies depending on the RTP and volatility, which determine how much money invested in the game comes back to the user, the frequency of payouts in the game, and the average payout.
What are some tips for 5-reel pokies?

There are some tips for five-reel pokies:

  • Place big bets to increase your chances of winning;
  • Use the reward offers;
  • Set a limit on your money to control your spending;
  • Never give up; once you start losing, take a time-out and come back to the game later.

Gambling is designed primarily for entertainment, and then to make money, so enjoy the process, and get your wins.