How to Play Pokies Machines in Australia

Classic pokies or slots are loved by many Aussie gamblers for their simplicity. You just need to deposit money, click on the button, and wait for the result. Often in such games, everything is intuitive. Online pokies are based on RNG and mathematical calculations therefore there can be no strategies that will bring a guaranteed victory.

Nevertheless, it is crucial to know how to play pokies and understand how such machines work. Here you’ll find the most interesting and important information about the game’s interface: the buttons, rows, and reels. Also, you’ll figure out how the game’s elements work. Let’s get started!

Guide for Australian players how to play Pokies

The Buttons

So that you do not have questions about how to play poker machines, it is important to look at the layout of the buttons:

  • Win

    Button displaying the winnings in the Pokie

    Shows how much you have won;

  • Bet max

    Bet max button in Pokies

    Demonstrates the biggest possible amount;

  • Balance

    Button displaying the balance in the Pokie

    With accessible money and virtual coins;

  • Paytable

    Paytable button in Pokies

    Shows how worth each symbol combination is;

  • Total bet

    Button displaying the Total Bet in the Pokies

    Displays the total cost of your spin;

  • Spin button

    Spin button in Pokies

    Makes reels spin;

  • Lines

    Lines button in Pokies

    Shows the number of lines you are betting on;

  • Line bet

    Line bet button in Pokies

    Indicates the amount of cash you are betting on each line;

  • Autospin

    Autospin button in Pokies

    Helps to play in a hands-free mode.

Additionally, there is a button that allows you to withdraw money from the machine. By pressing it you get money into your account. Sure thing, it won’t be universal for all the slot machines, because the buttons may be in slightly different places. However, the basic essence always remains the same.

The Row

Slots usually have 3 rows, this type of slot is still the most prevailing one nowadays. But there are more and more slots with more than 3, sometimes it can be 4-5 and even 6-7 rows.

Rows and reels are integral parts of any video slot. Each slot machine must have at least one row and at least 3 reels. Without them, you wouldn’t be able to play it.

Rows in online pokies

The Bottom Row

Now you need to deal with the bottom row of buttons:

  • “Take Win” button

    “Take Win” button in Pokies

    This feature allows you to collect your winnings or stop accumulation.

  • The “Reserve” button

    The "Reserve" button in Pokies

    This button helps to freeze the machine for three minutes so you can move away. Often this feature is present in the machines in Australian bars.

  • Spin

    Spin button in Australian Pokies

    Button, which is responsible for the reel’s spin. By pressing this one, the reels will start spinning with the bet you have chosen.

  • The credit per line

    The credit per line button in Pokies

    A button for managing credits on a particular line.

  • Max Bet

    Max Bet button in pokies

    This one automatically places the highest possible bet.

  • Bet size

    Bet size button in pokies

    It will help you adjust the amount of money to bet.

  • Number of spins

    Select the number of autospins in Pokies

    A button that shows the number of spins. By pressing this button you can also stop autoplay.

  • “Gamble”

    “Gamble” button in Pokies

    It can be pressed after any winning combination. As a result, this will make it possible to proceed to the bonus game.

  • The “Start Feature”

    The “Start Feature” button in Pokies

    This button can be pressed after successfully completing the bonus feature.

Spinning the Reels

In order to know how to play pokies machines from A to Z, you need to pay special attention to the reels and their rotation. Before you can spin the reels while playing poke, you need to make a deposit so that you can place a bet. Then, you will be able to select a bet and then press the button with the number of lines, then the reel will immediately start spinning.

Start spinning the reels to play poker

Online Gambling

Nowadays there are a lot of players who appreciate and love online casinos where slots are at the peak of popularity. Follow these steps to play your favorite slots online:

Play Pokies in online casinos
  1. 1 step

    Choose a casino

    Choose casino for playing Pokies

    Choose the best online casino.

  2. 2 step

    Go to ‘Slot’

    Find the slots section to play the Pokies

    Find the section “Slots” in casino.

  3. 3 step

    Select the pokie

    Find the Pokie you want to play

    Select the machine you like the most.

  4. 4 step

    Make a deposit

    Make a deposit to play the Pokies

    It’s interesting, there are slot machines where buttons appear gradually. For example, until you make a deposit, you will not see the spin button on the bar.

  5. 5 step

    Place a bet

    Place a bet in the Pokie

    Place a bet on the selected game.

  6. 6 step

    Click ‘Spin’ button

    Press the spin button to start playing Pokie

    Spin the reels and wait to see if you win.

If you are lucky enough, enjoy your prize and withdraw your money.

Our Recommendations for Gambling Pokies

Even though it is impossible to choose a strategy when playing pokies to be sure you make money, there are still some vital tips. In addition to increasing chances for winnings, these tricks will help make the game more comfortable and avoid big losses.

Read our recommendations before you start playing Pokies

Try the Demo

Try the Pokies in Demo

If you are a fan of online casinos, then do not rush to choose banking options and make deposits. Try the pokie for free first. In addition, modern online casinos are adapted not only for PC but also for Android and iOS devices. Having tried the demo version of a particular game, you certainly will not receive money. But such a test drive will allow you to see the principle of the game, get acquainted with the control panel, and simply understand whether you like the game. And then you can safely and without fear go to the game for money.

Choose Simple Pokies

Choose simple pokies to start with

When you enter a casino website, slots with many paylines, various bonuses, jackpots, etc. always catch the eye. But not all that glitters is gold. After all, all these points only complicate the game. When choosing a slot machine, it is better to bypass the pokies games that are literally crammed with bonuses and paylines. It is better to stay in a simple slot, where everything will be clear and simple. In addition, these pokies often have low volatility, which will allow you to take many small wins.

Know How to Stop

be able to stop in time when playing Pokies

In fact, this is the golden rule of online gambling. As soon as you realize that you have spent everything that you planned, stop the game. Of course, losing is unpleasant, but you can’t get hung up on this and try to win it back with all your might. If you notice that it is difficult for you to stop on your own, use the function of responsible gambling in an online casino, so you will protect yourself.